i’m convinced my sisters house has ghosts that is all

kducaine13 said:
Hi! Can you make me some manips of Emily Osment and Kylie Jenner?

sure, i’ll see what i can do :~)

i mean, the game’s basically over right? they may as well just hand derrick his check and get it over with.

oh my god am i the only person who’s fucking ecstatic that frankie finally went home???and let’s not forget his speech “i’m not that kind of person” okay but you are the kind of person who would throw their entire alliance under the bus to save your own ass and you are the type of person who was willing to back door your “best friend” because that’s what the house was doing. you’re full of shit, shut up.

Anonymous said:
do you do manips?

i do, however i won’t post any on this blog (unless y’know you request one with emily) i have a manips blog that you can send a request to. come off anon and i’ll send you the link to that blog c:

edit: i forgot to mention that i won’t be able to complete your request, at least not until a week or so since i’m away from my personal computer atm

"your full name without an E,F,R,S,K,I,M,L,C,A,Y,N"

gonna be mobile for a while, maybe. probably won’t even have wifi someone save me.